SVMS Band Performance Attire

SVMS Band Parents,

It is now time to order SVMS Band Performance Wear for your band student!!  Our concert is quickly approaching and we want to make sure all of our musicians are properly dressed for the occasion.  Performance T-Shirts and Polos can be ordered beginning Monday, September 18 until Tuesday, September 26.  Orders should be delivered to the school around Monday, October 16.

6th grade band students will perform in the SVMS Band T-Shirt.  7th and 8th Grade band students will perform in SVMS Band Polo.
6th Grade T-Shirt
7th/8th Grade Polo

You will also notice on the forms that other Sun Valley Logo shirts and hoodies are also available for purchase.  Please feel free to add additional items to your order for yourself or other family members.  As always, any of the items ordered also fall in line with the SVMS Spiritwear guidelines and can be worn to school any day of the week.

6th Grade Instrument Videos

6th Grade Beginning Band Members,

We have finally learned how to assemble our instruments!!  I have included a few videos below to review the steps on assembling instruments.  Practice these steps over the weekend to make sure you are doing everything correctly. 

How to Assemble a Clarinet - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

How to Assemble and Hold a Trombone
(Ignore the MPC, it is from a 3D Printer)

6th Period Brass Class

6th Period Brass Class,

I am leaving early for a doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Usually I will tell you a day in advance if this happens.  I am sorry for the last minute notice.  :(

Assignment 1

Please test yourself with note reading of treble and bass clef notes.  How many can you get right in a row?  Be ready to tell me tomorrow!

Trombones/Baritones - Bass Clef Flashcards

Assignment 2:

Please click on the Instrument Maintenance tab (located at the top of this page) and scroll down to the section labelled "Brass Maintenance".  Read the instructions and click on the videos that apply to YOUR instrument.  


I will review these steps with you later on in the semester once we start bathing and cleaning our own personal instruments. 


If follow my directions and do not try this at home, I will show you how to put instruments together TOMORROW.  



SVMS Band Students/Parents,

I hope you have had a great summer. I am looking forward to another productive year with our band program.  Please look over information below so that you can start the year off successfully:

6th Graders - Review the Band Supply List and be sure you have all necessary instrument and class supplies. You will not need your instrument until the second week of school.

7th and 8th Graders - Review the Band Supply List, and locate your black Band Binder. You will receive music soon, be sure to stock your Band Binder with new clear page protectors. You will not need to bring your instrument the first day of school.

All students will need to have proper Performance Dress Code for concerts, please review attire expectations.