Cameron Day has Arrived!

 Cameron Ellington Day arrived on Wednesday, January 18 at 9:58 AM.  Mrs. Day would like to thank everyone for their support and generosity over the past few weeks.  Working at Sun Valley is truly a blessing and she is looking forward to returning to the band room in early March. .Here are some pictures of Cameron's first few days:

All-District Band Audition Results

Congratulations to the following students for earning a placement in the 2017 South Central District Honor Band:

William Foster (5th Chair - Symphonic Band)
Nicholas Catapano (6th Chair - Concert Band)
Ryan Griffith (13th Chair - Concert Band)

Special recognition also goes out to Autumn Summers for making 1st Alternate on Baritone.

These students prepared a solo, 7 memorized scales, and had to sight-read a piece of music at the end of their audition.  They will attend a 2-day clinic in Belmont, NC with a guest clinician January 27-28.  Congratulations again!!

All-District Band Scales

Students will tongue the scales listed below and then slur the chromatic scale:

All scales are listed on YOUR starting pitch and must be memorized

Alto SaxophoneECF
Trombone/Baritone GFEb

All-District Auditions Postponed

All-District Band auditions have been postponed until Saturday, January 14.

All locations, times, and procedures will be exactly the same (see blogpost below), but take place exactly one week later than originally scheduled.  Students will meet at the SVMS Bus Lot at 7:15 AM on Saturday, January 14.  The bus is expected to return to SVMS by 4:30 PM.  Students will be under the supervision of Mr. Reynolds as Mrs. Day will already be on maternity leave.

Please make sure all field trips forms have been returned to Mrs. Day before her last day (Monday, January 9) so that she can get these forms to Mr. Reynolds as soon as possible.

Scales should be posted on the SCDBA website by 5PM on Thursday, January 12. Click HERE for the link to the SCDBA website.

All-District Audition Reminders

All-District Honor Band audition day is right around the corner.  Mrs. Day and Mr. Reynolds will be judging while you audition, so we will not be available for questions once auditions begin.  Here is some helpful information about audition day:

          Wear something nice for your audition day.  You want to make a good impression by looking professional.  Do not wear anything that indicates the school you attend.

          Arrive no later than 7:15 am to the Sun Valley Middle School Bus Lot.  The bus will leave at 7:30 with or without you.

          Wear your nametag at ALL times. This nametag is your ticket to audition.  The judges need to see it clearly when you walk in the door to audition.  Your audition NUMBER is on the nametag.  If you are number 32, you will be the 32nd person to audition. 

          Once you have received your nametag, go to the WARM-UP AREA.  Please don’t wear your embouchure out by practicing too much.  You may want to bring a book, cards, iPod, crossword puzzle book, etc. to pass the time in the gym.


          Do NOT play in the halls while waiting in line to play.  This is very rude to those who are auditioning and makes things difficult for judges to hear.

          When you enter your audition room, greet the judges by saying HELLO or GOOD MORNING.  They will not bite you.  All of the judges are band directors, just like me!  If you have a question while auditioning, just ask.  They may not be able to answer you, but it never hurts to ask!

          You may eat lunch in the cafeteria whenever you are hungry.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbeque, etc. will be available for purchase at South Point High School for lunch.  Feel free to bring your own lunch if you wish.  Please clean up after yourselves.  I know that you will use your manners.

          Parents are welcome to follow us in the car and spend the day with us.   Parents are also welcome to pick up children directly from South Point High School when they are finished.  The bus should return to SVMS no later than 4:30 pm but I do not have an exact time because the audition rooms run at different paces depending on which instrument your student plays.   We are sharing a bus with band students from Sun Valley High School and we must wait for EVERYONE to finish.  DIRECTIONS TO SOUTH POINT HIGH SCHOOL ARE ON THE BACK.  If you are not riding on the bus at any point, please send a written note indicating such!

          It is normal for you to feel nervous about your audition day but try not let your nerves get in the way of playing your best. You are a fine musician and you have great things to share with those judges who will be listening to you. 

          Results will be posted on the SVMS Band Website by Monday afternoon.

Percussion Audition Results

Congratulations to the following musicians that were determined to be the best fit for Percussion:

Delayna Blevins
Ella Brown
Evan Kissel
Maxie Johnson
Jacob Pfeifer
Megan Wadsworth

Be sure to see Mrs. Day today to receive an important letter for your parents.  Congratulations again!  If you are out of town, please email Mrs. Day at so that she can email you a copy.

Winter Concert Reminder

6th and 7th Grade Band Performance
Monday, December 5 at 7:00 PM in SVMS Gym
Report Time: 6th Grade - 6:30 PM
                      7th Grade - 6:45 PM

8th Grade and High School Band Performance
Thursday, December 15 at 7:00 PM in SVHS Auditorium
Report Time: 6:30 PM in SVHS Band Room

*Students are expected to stay for the entire concert*

Click HERE for information on Concert Dress Code.


The following students are the best fit for Alto Saxophone in the 6th Grade:

Felicity A.
Clare B.
Carter M.
Chad N.
Katelynn W.